By Chekhov, Anton

1991., Toronto Masterclass



“Chekhov comes crystal clear…The beast reason to see this show is that it so articulately explores the powerful and enduring themes in Anton Chekhov’s classic drama.”

The Toronto Star, 
13 September, 1991, Vit Wagner

„…a vibrant production…
Three Sisters speaks to the heart of a distinctly modern sense of the tragic…”

The Globe and Mail, 
13 September, 1991. Liam Lacey

„Marton successfully mines and refines the gently caustic humor at the play’s core and uses it to build up a head of steam that keeps the production humming until the final curtain falls. … he’s created a production well worth seeing…”

Toronto Sun, 
13 September, 1991, John Coulbourn

„Huges (Actor Stuart Huges, ed.) defines the director’s work as ‘passionate as well as delicate and specific.”

1991, John Kaplan

„Marton has a solid international reputation as an inventive and insightful director, especially for his work on theatrical classics.”

The Globe And Mail, 
12 September, 1991. H. J. Kirchhoff

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