By Kalinoski, Richard

1995., Actor’s Theatre of Louisville



“In a superb production of poetically directed by László Marton it hi_mooneld the audience hushed and spellbound until its final scene when Bingham Theatre erupted into spontaneous and prolonged standing ovation.
I know, standing ovations are mechanical and meaningless gestures these days. But not this one.
…The production flows with the inevitability and naturalness of life itself under Marton’s fluid guidance.”

The Courier-Journal, 14 March,1995. William Mootz

“…The best of the lot -and judging from the audience reaction, last weekend’s favorite- is Richard Kalinosky’s moving  Beast on the Moon …”

The Dallas Morning News,  9 April, 1995. Edward Haymann

“Richard Kalinosky’s Beast on the Moon was the audience favorite of the festival and it’s easy to understand why.”

San Francisco Chronicle April, 1995. Steve Winn

““Richard Kalinosky’s play demonstrated that it can still triumph in purely theatrical terms. So, in an entirely different way, did Beast on the Moon, … It also, tellingly, was the one that seemed most completely  to engage its audience, which gave it a standing ovation.”

The New York Times, 6 April 1995. Ben Brantley

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